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At the end of last year the CCHR chapters from across Europe gathered in Copenhagen for a European CCHR conference. A main topic of the conference was the announcement of the official establishment of CCHR Europe with an office in Copenhagen from where the activities on national and European level get coordinated.

Most of the national laws are originating at European level (Brussels) and the international Human Rights headquarters of the United Nations is located in Geneva. Therefore it became even more important to now establish our organization at European level to more effectively expose psychiatric human rights violations and address their false information and solutions. Especially on ADHD & the drugging of children!

Different such actions have already been done over the last years in the name of CCHR Europe. These successful actions made it clear that 1) great products can be achieved for European countries (and outside), if actually worked on, and that 2) a lot more can be achieved if the activity is brought to a higher level with having an entire organization working on these projects.

Therefore the official establishment of CCHR Europe as an organization got done with its own office and its first staff members to do exactly that! 

Marc Lorensen, Social Reform Chief Europe, bringing the news of the establishment of CCHR Europe

Concerning the United Nations, the main project worked on over the last years was to provide vital information to the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) about ADHD and the drugging of children in the different countries.

As the UNCRC is the most powerful Children Human Rights body in the world, CCHR Europe provided over the years information to this same Committee about child drugging issues of the countries that were being interviewed during the UNCRC sessions in Geneva. This was done in the form of a full report on the concerned country with facts, figures and statistics which clearly showed the dangerous situation of the child drugging scene in each of these countries. The information provided to the UNCRC was then used by this Committee and in most instances questions were addressed to the government representatives about the rising statistics of children on ADHD drugs in their country.

Freedom Medal winner Paul Rood, who has been working for years with CCHR Europe, attending one of the sessions of the UNCRC.

Reports to the UNCRC were done on various countries like Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Russia and Spain.

In the final recommendations issued by the UNCRC to the governments of these countries, the Committee expressed its concern about the increasing ADHD drug statistics and recommended alternative treatment to be the first choice in handling ADHD symptoms.

CCHR Europe in coordination with the local CCHR chapters then followed up on these UNCRC recommendations by asking members of the respective national parliaments to question their national Minister of Health about what he was going to do with these UNCRC recommendations.

Torsten Hjelmar, CCHR researcher briefing how to export  the successful actions with the UNCRC.

As a result of these actions things are changing for the better in these countries. A good example is Belgium where after the above action the government started to shift its viewpoints on ADHD-medication and installed a Commission to look into the de-medicalization of the children of Belgium. The Belgium High Health Council also came out with recommendations that follow exactly the line of the UNCRC, which is to decrease the drugging of children and instead use alternative methods to tackle the problem of ADHD.

Now, with the official establishment of CCHR Europe, this operation will be brought to the next level. There are a lot more actions to be done and a lot more products to be obtained!

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